How To Win A Woman’s Heart By Some Steps

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Winning a heart of woman takes planning and strategies as you have known. But planning and strategy have to be within your means. In this article I’m going to show you how to win a woman’s heart.


This is a very important tool in a relationship make out time to communicate with her, call her when you promise to call, call her when she does not expect you to call, send her romantic text messages and if you are a good writer, write romantic poems.

Notice when she is happy and when she is sad to try to make her happy. Let her know at all times that you care about her.

Communication is how we get to know each other. The ability to listen is a great tool. By being an attentive listener, it’ll encourage her to open up and chat away, and she’ll gain your trust.


Always show kindness towards her. Open the car door for her, Women appreciate a man who is respectful. Be awesome at anything, if you are smart, show it off, if you are funny, make her laugh. Let her know how you are different.


Going out on dates is actually a should in every relationship, whether you have been married for many years or just starting. Our focus is really on the man that has just met a woman he is interested in and a man that has just indicated his interest in a woman he has known for some time. Though, a married man can still use any or all of these ideas to woo his wife because the wooing never really stops.
When planning a date, men often think that there are certain things that they should and should not do. By following a few simple guidelines, you can make sure that the wooing goes smoothly and happily for both of you.
Take her on a planned date, to dinner at a place where she has mentioned that she likes or on a surprise date to a good place you have tried and you think she would like. Take her to watch movies, if she likes movies. If she likes sports you can go and watch a sporting event together.
Giving gifts is a good way of showing your woman that you appreciate her. When buying her gifts put some thought to it, don’t only give her gifts on her birthdays, Valentine’s Day and on other known holidays. Surprise her with a gift from time to time. Buy her things that she likes, it might just be something you feel would make her smile.
 It is not the cost of the gift that matters to her but the fact that you thought of her and that made you buy something for her. It can be something as simple as her favourite flower, candy, chocolates or bath goodies. Let her know you are thinking of her. Take the time to wrap the gift. Give her something special.

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