How To Be Happy In Your Life: 8 Ways To Becoming A Happier Person

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We all need happiness in our lives, and you might think it is hidden somewhere but you can not find it. In this article I’m going to show you 8 ways you should do to be happy in your life.

Live this day :

 Do not be wondering, yes, live this day, now, and whatever you are doing, are you drinking coffee? Are you reading an article? Are you Playing computer’s games etc Read the following words carefully Now, you have this day, and you will not have it again, never again.

Tomorrow, you will have tomorrow. It means to leave your past and live your present. Forget about every single thing make you sad.

Do not die before your death :

I know your brain is thinking about unnecessary thoughts, bad things happened or maybe it will never happen, what will happen tomorrow? What will not happen? Am I going to be a good teacher? Will I succeed in my first love? Will I be a great mother to my children? Believe me, in this life, when you become older you will know how.

much time you have lost, a lot of fun, a lot of love, happiness, adventure, and maybe a lot of lives. You can find enjoyment of watching the sunset, reading a book, and drinking a cup of coffee.

You have to have an aim, not a wish :

This sentence “You have to have an aim, not a wish is still in my mind, do you know why? Because we have a lot of wishes, every day we make too many wishes, I hope I have a lot of money,  I hope I am famous, I hope I have a car, I hope I have a boyfriend or girlfriend, etc  but the only aim is the one you are thinking of before you go to bed, before you close your eyes.

Your goal work for it, live for it, then achieve it.

respect your heart :

Do not despise yourself, deal with yourself as a friend, even your best friend When you have wrong feelings for someone or something, do not blame your heart you should be proud because people who have dirty hearts do not fall asleep and do not feel comfortable. You should be grateful because it is You!

kill the boredom :

No more wasting time, life is short to waste it. Do not let it for tomorrow, do it now.

Take advantage of your time by doing what you like, reading, writing, drawing, traveling,loving and the everysingle thing you like to do, even if people see it as a silly thing, it is precious for you. You will succeed with your skills, just trust yourself.

Do it whatever it takes time :

It happened with me, while my friends did it within a year, I did it within two! And I am still alive.

Say I love you for those you love :

Say I love you to your partner. Even your very close people, say I love you for them. They need it every day, that is going to make them happy. When they are happy, so you are!

Make a calendar :

Make a big calendar on your wall’s room, put a check mark on the day’s space you live it correctly, you did what you love, you kept smiling as best as you can.

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